About us

We're for social causes

Let’s improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children and youth

HEARTS FOUNDATION (formerly HEARTS) began in January 2000 as a response to the vulnerability and neglect of street children found begging and living rough on the platforms of Guntur station. Our focus was on early intervention, re-uniting with families where possible and providing opportunities through Education, Health Care and Vocational Trainings.

We aim to assist underprivileged children and youth through education, care and reaching out people affected by natural calamities and health emergencies

How we work

We exist for non-profits, social enterprises, community groups

  • 01Raise money from different sources

    Hearts Foundation currently accepts checks, wire transfers, credit cards, and UPI. In addition, Hearts Foundation can partner with other charities

  • 02Giving relief in rural areas

    We help children get ready for kindergarten and learn to read by third grade — a major indicator of future success. We’re especially focused on reaching vulnerable children in rural areas where early learning resources are scarce.

  • 03Mission: Mid Day Meals

    children in rural areas are going to school hungry. They suffer from lack of concentration and reduced cognitive development, directly leading to their dropping out of school. Join us in our mission to prevent hunger diminishing our children’s opportunities to succeed

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